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Pre-K Tea Party

Whether it is learning new concepts in math or preparing to become great readers, the students in Pre-kindergarten at Advent are always busy!  We started out the year learning how to be a “good friend” to our classmates.  We talked... Continue Reading →

AES Religion Class Q1

    During the first quarter of this school year, the Advent Religion classes have studied prayer. We discussed what prayer is and when it is appropriate to pray. (Hint: any time!) We’ve examined the different formal types of prayer:... Continue Reading →

Musical little pumpkins

"Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate...........," and so begins the rhythmic poem Advent Pre-K and Kindergarten classes learn in Music for Halloween. We read the story, then practice learning and memorizing the lines of the poem (with much expression!).... Continue Reading →

STEM – Learning About Electricity

In Fourth grade STEM, students have been learning about Electricity. As we have  moved through the topic, we have learned…     What is electricity, electric circuits, capacitors, batteries, positive and negative terminals, generators, motors, electrical current, conductors, insulators, magnetism,... Continue Reading →

Advent and the “Middle”

I hope this year is going exceptionally well for each of you. From a school perspective, I must say that things are going great! There is a tremendous spirit of support that is hard to find in many places but... Continue Reading →

Advent K-4 PE

Advent students have had a great year so far in PE!  We are having so much fun! With the Lower School, there has been a great deal of improvement with our students in regards to motor ability and working hard... Continue Reading →

5th Grade STEM

We have gotten off to a great start.  We started our year with a crash course in what is happening during a Solar Eclipse.  Our fifth grade students were experts during the viewing of the eclipse, and were able to... Continue Reading →

Writing in Kindergarten

Writing at Advent is amazing! You may think that it is a little early for these young ones to be able to write sentences and stories, but you would be amazed at how they are able to express themselves on... Continue Reading →

Advent Inspiration- Jackson Pollock

The definition for the word Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. It's inventiveness, innovation, genius, imagination, and originality. We are always inspired in lower school art, but we have... Continue Reading →

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