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The Kodály Approach

The Kodály approach, a European way of teaching children how to read and sing music, stresses excellence in all aspects of music.  His philosophy is in teaching just as much as in performing, and especially in the materials used in... Continue Reading →

3rd Grade’s Outdoor ADVENTure!

Each spring, the Advent third grade goes to 4-H Science Camp in Columbiana, Alabama. The Alabama 4-H Science School provides experiential environmental education through adventure, outdoor experiences, and science classes. Students were able to apply what they had been learning... Continue Reading →

Oracy at Advent Episcopal School

Recently, I read an article that a colleague shared with me. While the article outlined specific efforts of a school in London, in many ways it represents a key quality of an Advent education. The title of the article was... Continue Reading →

5th grade!

The Advent fifth grade class participated in a civil rights unit to correspond with Black History Month, our classroom novel, and a field trip to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. We began by reading the historical fiction novel, The Lions of... Continue Reading →

2nd grade happenings!

Hats off to the Presidents! Each Advent second grade student became a President for the Day. They read a book about a president and then reported unknown facts about his or her president.  We really enjoyed learning all about them. We... Continue Reading →

3rd grade memory work

In third grade at Advent, we memorize works of literature because we want our students to speak, read, and write well. The beauty of language is a life-time pursuit. The students memorize a variety of poetry by such authors as... Continue Reading →

8th grade English

As the new year rolls through, eighth grade English class has become better acquainted with the bard of Avon and his star-crossed lovers. We have completed the Shakespeare workshop led by John McGinnis of Muse on Wheels and presented scenes... Continue Reading →

Love is powerful.

    With Valentine’s Day last week, there has been a great deal of discussion around Advent about what “love” is.  Often, the first thought that comes to mind is… love is a feeling you have towards a family member... Continue Reading →

Advent Math Team

Our Math Team has had a great season so far.  The 5th through 8th grade teams have participated in Vestavia, ASFA, Perennial, Grissom and Hayden tournaments.   Our 7th and 8th grade math team has qualified for the AISA State Math... Continue Reading →

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