Is it true that it takes 21 days to form a habit?

While the timeline of habits might be up for debate, we all probably have habits we’d like to form or habits we’d like to shake. However, how often do we think about habits of mind? In education habits of mind are highly important. A habit of mind can be defined as a pattern of intellectual behavior that leads to productive actions.  As an art teacher it was very powerful when I read a book directly relating this concept to the visual art classroom by naming and describing studio habits of mind.

Outlining curriculum for the current year, I was led back to this topic and decided it was an excellent opening for 7th and 8th grade students at Advent.

To explore these Habits of Mind we did a little research, a little reflection, and then students worked in groups and we played a round of “Chopped” – art class style.

With a limited amount of provided materials and a common task the students worked against the clock to produce a mini-collage that represented a given studio habit of mind. We then discussed the outcomes as a group, giving multiple voices the chance to deliberate as ‘judges.’

It was wonderful to have the students articulate their understanding of these studio habits and I look forward to seeing how they can recognize their habits of mind as we go forward in the school year. We will display our ‘chopped’ artworks as a visual reminder throughout the year to keep in ‘mind’ the positive habits we can form when we learn and work in the visual arts.

Mollie Everitt

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