Les Aventures en Français – What Adventures we’ve had in Lower School French!


Advent Pre-K should stay busy this summer as they can continue to practice French with their French CD! They can show off their “savoir faire” to their families at home from Monsieur Oui/Monsieur Non to the silliness of our French Zoo Animals that like to ride bikes in France!

And don’t let them forget about my French cats!   We have Arc-en-Ciel (Rainbow Cat) teaching our rainbow colors and Pantoufle (Slipper Cat) showing everybody the alphabet march!


Kindergarten stayed busy in the spring learning about all kinds of farm animals – all in French, bien sur!  Just ask them about La Grange Rouge and our Grenouille Verte (Green Frog!) – we’ve had fun building our very silly French farm!

They also indulged in a much deserved Petit Dejeuner – with croissants, pain au chocolat and chocolat chaud – students ate a French breakfast tres authentique –  a real dining experience!  Students also gave their parents a French lesson on all they knew about setting the table, asking politely for something to eat or drink and saying a prayer –  all of this in French, bien sur!

And 1st Grade didn’t slow down a bit!  Along with singing so many of our favorite French songs from Monsieur Oui/Monsieur Non and Frere Jacques, we’ve had fun learning Tete, Epaules, Genoux et Pieds (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) and playing Jacques a Dit (Simon Says) .

They continued to stay busy learning about all kinds of animals – especially those that live on the banks of the Nile River – ask them what happens when a crocodile tries to combat the elephants!

And not only have we been singing all of our favorite French songs in 2nd and 3rd grades, we’ve also learned what real French cartoon characters sound like!   From Jojo in 2nd grade to Alex et Zoe in 3rd, we went on an adventure with our very first Cahier d’Activite:  a real French work book filled with learning to read and write in French, coloring activities and playing games – all to improve our French speaking skills!

From learning to ask important questions on how to get to know someone (ask your children about shaking hands in French!),  to learning about what French children might have in their school box, comparing French traditions to our own, learning about each other’s pets, a wide variety of topics have been covered to better prepare Advent students in the areas of reading, writing and conversational skills.

Elizabeth Crommelin

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