A few weeks ago, the Pre-kindergarten students of Advent Episcopal School enjoyed the beautiful day as they walked to Children’s Theatre.  Walking around downtown Birmingham, the students took in the beauty while pointing out the colorful flowers blooming, breathing in the fresh air, listening to birds chirping, and loving every minute outside that they shared with their friends.

Attending Children’s Theatre is a favorite field trip of the students.  It’s an opportunity to see some of their favorite storybooks come to life!  We had the extraordinary experience of watching Goodnight Moon do just that.  Through song, dance, and creative expression, the play gave the children a different perspective on the beloved story.  They were able to actually see the kittens and their mittens, and the little mouse from the story, interact with the bunny.

Even the characters from the picture on the wall depicting the treasured nursery rhyme “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” performed before their eyes!  The cat and the fiddle, the little dog that laughed, the dish that ran away with the spoon, and the cow that jumped over the moon, were entertaining and gave the nursery rhyme new meaning in the eyes of the children.  It was a delight to see the joy on their faces! Click here to learn more about Birmingham Children’s Theatre!

Leah Webb


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