The Advent first grade classes love to learn through fun games!

Math Games! Students match addition and subtraction facts with puzzle pieces, creating a complete puzzle by the end.  In another game, students compete to see who could cross out 4 addition facts in a row before the other players (connect 4).  They use mental math in class by catching a stuffed animal the teacher throws to them and answering an addition or subtraction fact. This helps them think on their feet and quickly apply their knowledge of math facts.  They also play Clock Bingo!


Reading and phonics! They play “I have, Who has.” This game reiterates difficult digraphs learned in phonics and requires listening skills, as they must listen for someone to call out the word on their card.


Spelling! The children LOVE playing sparkle! They request this game multiple times daily!  The students take turns spelling each word, one letter at a time.  If a student misses a letter, they are out. After the last letter of the word, the next student in line says, “Sparkle!” and the person behind them in line is out. The last person “standing” is the winner, aka the Sparkle Queen or King! After finishing spelling words, the teachers will use spelling bee words to prep them for second grade.

Karen Anderson


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