Each spring, the Advent third grade goes to 4-H Science Camp in Columbiana, Alabama. The Alabama 4-H Science School provides experiential environmental education through adventure, outdoor experiences, and science classes.

Students were able to apply what they had been learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) class as they learned about reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. The talented staff at the 4-H Center educate with such enthusiasm and knowledge, students are fully engaged in the learning experience. For example, after learning the characteristics and traits of reptiles and amphibians and sorting them using a Venn-Diagram, the staff members brought out live animals for the students to see, touch, and describe.

Additionally, students learned about micro and macro invertebrates. Once again after learning about some of the common characteristics, the boys and girls were given the opportunity to get their hands dirty while digging along the banks of Lay Lake, carefully looking for and identifying these creatures. Our third graders were excited about their discoveries!

To end the day, students strapped on their life jackets, grabbed a paddle, and jumped in a canoe to explore the beautiful Lay Lake. They also learned helpful survival tips and how to build a shelter in the wilderness. This was a day full of outdoor learning and educational excitement! For more information, please visit:  4H Center of Alabama. For more information about 4-H Science School, please visit: 4H Science Center.



Anna White


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