Hats off to the Presidents! Each Advent second grade student became a President for the Day. They read a book about a president and then reported unknown facts about his or her president.  We really enjoyed learning all about them.

We traveled to American Village in Montevallo and watched and participated in four different skits. One was the American Village President Program that really was an extension of what we had learned from our book reports. We got to go into the Oval Office where we could “sign” a bill into law. We even got to act as a president sitting behind the big desk.


Another skit involved choosing George Washington against King George of England. The next one was about Abraham Lincoln’s childhood and going to a courthouse. We walked away knowing that if we study hard, we can do anything we want.


The final skit was an adaptation of the book “Woodrow, The White House Mouse” by Peter W. Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes. We loved being White House mice!

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In other news, we celebrated the 100th day of school by having a visitor, Mrs. Lorene Autry. Mrs. Autry is Mrs. DeWitt’s mother, who is 92 years young. She came to talk with the class about how her life was as a young child. The students asked questions such as, “How many devices did you have?” and “Did you have a TV?” and the big question, “How did you communicate?” The answers were so different from what they see every day. It was so much fun to hear about how things used to be.


We have also begun to practice for our Second Grade Play to be performed daily, the week of March 12-16.  We all know each song and all of the lines.  Please come see one of our performances.  We are learning that we can now use our “playground voice” in the school.  What a shock!  We are on to Broadway!

Judy DeWitt


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