lower art blog K Feb 2018-4
The word “yet.” I just learned recently that the word has so many meanings. Yet leaves so much space, continuance, suspense, growth… like something else is definitely going to happen.
In lower school art class, I hear from the students, “Ms. Gibson, how did you get so good at art?” or, “I want to be an art teacher like you!” and even, “I can’t do that!” My usual response is to remind them that I have had many more years of practice. The reality is, whether I feel like it or not, I haven’t yet gotten to the peak of my abilities.
There seems to be no end to the word. I still learn something new everyday and it mainly comes from my students. Yet, they do not even realize they are teaching me. When they learn at the beginning of class what a new project is, I may get a lot of “I can’t do that, Ms. Gibson!” Yet, I know… not yet. Not till the end of the project, do they grasp the sense of yes, I can do this. We see, yet again, in every hallway and classroom of Advent, just how this feeling is unknowingly expressed. There are struggles, yet there is learning. Encouraging them with that possibility of someday, some classroom hour, they will have completed it.
In lower school art this month, PreK didn’t think they could…yet they created some very colorful dogs!
In Kindergarten, we talked about architecture and architects. They designed and built structures such as 3D word forms, skateboard parks, and even villages. Do not be surprised if your child wants to be an architect now!
First grade was a little unsure about creating Vulcan with only 2 triangles, 4 lines, and an oval to guide them, yet they did it. They also put their fingers to the test with our Origami project, Butterflies and Flowers. The hallways are beginning to look like Spring!
Second grade has been busy with their “theatrical art” (practicing the 2nd grade play) during their usual art time, so our time has been short. Yet the popular Birch Tree project is almost complete. I look forward to seeing them in the hall soon.
Advent has been invited to display artwork, from grades PreK-8, at the Homewood Public Library, for directions click here. If you get a chance to go by and see the huge display wall, please do so. It is on display for the month of February.
Take care and God bless!
Jennifer Gibson

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