This past Thursday, Advent students received a visit from a special guest speaker, Mrs. Julie Farmer, RN, from Children’s of Alabama. Mrs. Farmer heads up the “Kohl’s Think First Alabama” for Children’s; for more information go here. She travels throughout the Birmingham area teaching children about brain and spinal cord injury prevention.

She taught Advent students all about their brains, their spinal cord and how they both work. The brain sends messages through neurons and communicates with the spinal cord to help with all of our daily activities. The students learned what happens when the brain or spinal cord is injured. They learned about concussions, paralysis and other serious results of head or spinal cord injuries. To make an impact with the students, Mrs. Farmer told stories of children who have had these experiences.

The students next learned about the importance of wearing helmets every time they ride their bikes, scooters, hover boards, skates, etc. Alabama has a state law that requires all children, 16 and under, to wear a helmet every time they ride their bikes. Helmets must fit snugly with the chinstrap secured to be effective. Also, the helmet should be level and should not move in any direction once it is secured.

Mrs. Farmer provided Concussion Goggles for the Advent students to experiment. The goggles are used to raise awareness while simulating the effects of a traumatic brain injury.   The students were instructed to attempt to walk on a straight line while using the concussion goggles. Students were offered information that could potentially save their lives and prevent serious injury.

Deanette Johnson, RN

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