As we return from the Christmas break, it’s no better time to start getting active again.  This semester, we’ll review and improve upon what we did last semester as well as starting new units in gymnastics, baseball, bowling, jumping rope, and so many more.

We also have the Mercedes marathon 1-mile run coming up in February.  Go here to learn more about this wonderful race in downtown Birmingham. Hopefully the weather will hold out!  The kids have been building up to the run all year, running between 1/4 and 1/2 mile increments on Fridays.  Everyone has been working so hard!  To those parents who have signed their child up, look for race packets coming your way sometime next week.  Race packets will include a race bib, long sleeve t-shirt, gloves, ear warmers, and a racing cape!  Make sure to hold onto all of it (most importantly the t-shirt and racing bib).  Go Panthers!

Have you seen the new wall padding around the gymnasium, increasing safety and sprucing up the look and feel of the gym?  If you haven’t already, come by and see it!

Tricia Brice

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