Today, the Advent 3rd grade hosted Mr. Stokes, a third grade parent and the Manager for School and Teacher Programs at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Mr. Stokes brought a “Culture Kit” from the museum’s collection. These boxes are full of information and artifacts about specific cultures and countries. Today, we explored the continent of Africa as we prepare for Black History Month coming up in February.

The third grade is currently working on reports about African Americans who have positively impacted our country and society, past or present. Paired with this biographical study, students are also learning about the civil rights movement and how important events and dedicated individuals have shaped the society that we live in today.

3rd glrade blog Jan 2018-4

During this presentation, students were exposed to the culture of west Africa, learning about common traditions, clothing, tools, musical instruments, and so much more! Students were able to locate Africa and the surrounding oceans and continents on a world map. We learned about the diverse geography, climate, languages, and people groups that make up Africa.

We are so grateful for our school’s partnership with the Birmingham Museum of Art, and their willingness to visit our classrooms in order to deepen our students’ understanding and connection with the world around us. 

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Your Third Grade Teachers,

Anna White & Lee Stayer

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