First grade at Advent has had a very busy and fun November! This month, first graders have been learning all about the first Thanksgiving. We started the month off with a field trip to American Village in Montevallo, AL. Check it out here! There the children got to experience a re-enactment of the voyage on the Mayflower and the Pilgrims meeting the Wampanoags and their chief, Massasoit. They learned about games the Pilgrims would have played and the food that would have been at the first Thanksgiving.

Later this month, back in school, the first graders memorized a play about the first Thanksgiving. They performed it for the whole school and many grandparents on grandparents’ Day! Each child got to dress up as either a pilgrim or a Wampanoag. The first graders had such a fun time with the play that they continued to recite it the days after they performed it! The first graders will have a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving this year remembering all that they learned and experienced this month at school!

Kirby Pool

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