In Alabama history, we study the history of our state from the when the first man arrived to present day. The students are excited to learn how our state has evolved over time. On a recent cool, crisp morning in October, we all boarded a bus and headed down I-59 south to visit Moundville Archaeological Park and see how the early Woodland Indians lived. We enjoyed climbing ancient Indian mounds, and of course, we counted the steps to the top! We also hiked through the woods on nature trails and discovered more mounds and experienced the beginnings of fall.



We continued our visit at the museum where we viewed many ancient artifacts that have been discovered in this area of our state. We also were fortunate to have someone teach us about the tools that were used and we were all given an opportunity to throw a spear using an atlatl.


Of course, our trip would not be complete without a fun picnic lunch along the Warrior River. The day was a perfect treat for all!

Cathy Vance and Elizabeth Moody


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