Whether it is learning new concepts in math or preparing to become great readers, the students in Pre-kindergarten at Advent are always busy!  We started out the year learning how to be a “good friend” to our classmates.  We talked about the importance of using kind words and expressing ourselves with good choices.

Along with discussing how to be a friend, we learned what it meant to do our best.  At Advent, students are always encouraged to do their BEST!  Challenges may arise, but it’s how you respond to them that helps build character.

Character education is important at any age, but especially in Pre-kindergarten.  The teachers hope to build a sense of self-worth and confidence that can help the students tackle anything. As we discussed good behavior, we touched on using good manners.   What better way to practice good behavior and good manners than having a TEA PARTY!  The timing could not have been more perfect!  We were studying the letter “T” in class.

The Pre-kindergarten students enjoyed dressing up in their Sunday clothes and meeting in the Refectory for a special tea party.  Having parents and grandparents join us made it even more special!  If you were there, you saw a room full of precious children with the sweetest smiles, using their Advent manners and making fun memories.

Leah Webb

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