During the first quarter of this school year, the Advent Religion classes have studied prayer. We discussed what prayer is and when it is appropriate to pray. (Hint: any time!) We’ve examined the different formal types of prayer: petitions, praises, laments, and thanksgivings, among others. We have experienced prayer in many forms, such as writing, extemporaneously speaking a prayer, and praying using written prayers as one might find in the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer. While most students were familiar from chapel and Religion class with both of these verbalized forms, body movements (like bowing to the cross in the chapel procession), silence, and quiet reflections were less consciously recognized as prayer. In an action/reflection format, we explored each of these methods. Singing and music as prayer was a concept with which these students were quite comfortable, having learned from Mr. Rick, that singing is “praying twice.”

The student made posters offering their own definitions and reflections on prayer. The following are just a few of the thoughts that the students wrote concerning prayer:

  • A prayer is when you talk to God.
  • You can ask him for healing; you can ask him for
  • You can ask or thank God for anything.
  • Prayer is talking to JC.
  • Prayer is a connection and a conversation with God.
  • Prayer is something that hopes for something wonderful to happen.
  • It’s a time with your creator and best friend.
  • It’s talking to someone who listens and doesn’t interrupt you.
  • Prayer is a way to express and connect with the Lord.
  • It is a way of showing your faith.

Prayer can be interpreted in many different ways. Prayer is like speaking to a person
you can’t see, but that person is a divine being you believe in. You can pray wherever
you want, whenever you want. It can be short, long, silent, loud. A prayer can be about
whatever you want it to be about.

It’s a way to talk to someone who knows everything (God).

Jayne Pool


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