We have gotten off to a great start.  We started our year with a crash course in what is happening during a Solar Eclipse.  Our fifth grade students were experts during the viewing of the eclipse, and were able to tell the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students what was happening.  

After the viewing of the eclipse we started STEM.  The students are currently focusing on three missions.  These missions consist of Rockets, Earth and Space, and Space Exploration.  


The Rocket Mission consists of the students studying how a rocket is made, trajectory, and thrust.  These rockets are made of a drinking straw, construction paper wings, and poster tack for the nose cone.  The students make rockets as a group and try to shoot them into a bucket 20 feet away.  After their group rocket experiment is done, the students then design their own rocket and try to get that rocket into the bucket as well.  As you can imagine this is the mission that all of the students want to be doing.  

The Earth and Space mission is focusing on why we have seasons, eclipses, the moon, and the varying degrees of sunlight.  This mission takes them through many different experiments learning about indirect and direct sunlight,  why the moon waxes and wanes, and how a solar and lunar eclipse occur.  Do you know why we have seasons?  Ask your child!


The final mission is Space Exploration. This mission teaches the students what it is like in space, why you wear space suits, the different planets of our solar system, and how you measure distance in space.  The students also learn about the international space station and how humans survive for many months in space. This is an excellent mission because it shows the students just how big our solar system and universe really is.

Beverly Crawford

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