Writing at Advent is amazing! You may think that it is a little early for these young ones to be able to write sentences and stories, but you would be amazed at how they are able to express themselves on paper…already!  We begin teaching the writing process the first days of school by reading stories to the students and asking them questions about the stories.  Our first writing experiences are responses to stories we read. We had a lot of group discussions! We came up with many responses to put on our board. After a few of these sessions, the students began copying these collaborative sentences in their journals.  During these weeks of writing practice, they have also been learning letter sounds and sight words.

All of our sight words are posted in the room and the students are taught how to be resourceful and locate the words we might be using in our collaborative sentences.  We learn how to use letter sounds to invent the spelling of the words. If we cannot find them posted in the room, one of our favorite ways to practice invented spelling is using dry erase boards.  We generate a word together verbally and then we work together to stretch and sound out the word.  We each write the sounds that we hear as we are sounding out the word.  We also get to draw a picture to match the word. It is great practice and a lot of fun!

The students are learning the conventions of sentence writing:  uppercase letter at the beginning of the sentence, spaces between words, and punctuation at the end of the sentence. The students are now writing their own sentences using all of the resources and strategies they have learned.  They share their writings with each other, make revisions, correct, and rewrite their sentences, and they share their finished writings and illustrations as author of the day! The students will continue to learn writing strategies, new sight words, spelling rules, and language arts lessons throughout the year, all of which will strengthen their skills as young authors.  Write on!

Cathy Green