Second grade at Advent is off to a great start! We have already learned our lower case cursive letters and are beginning to learn our upper case letters! We have been playing learning games on our Smart Board to reinforce skills we have learned in class and we are meeting with our “K” buddies each Friday. We get to learn more about each other while helping them with activities. We are a community!

We just visited DeSoto Caverns and we had a blast! In class, we learned that DeSoto Caverns was named after Hernando DeSoto. He traveled on an expedition through Alabama and visited Indian villages along the way. We also learned about many different kinds of bats, where they can be found, the kinds of food they eat, and how they actually help people. Our favorite bats were the flying fox, which has a wingspan of six feet and the bumble bee bat, which is the smallest mammal! We also learned about caves and how they were formed. We saw different kinds of speleotherms such as stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, and flow stone. We enjoyed panning for gems and going through the maze! We loved it! Check out DeSoto Caverns!

Sandra Holmes


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