Strategy Game Club (SGC) is a community of 5th-8th grade students at Advent who meet on Friday afternoons to learn and play table games. In addition, this year we added a similar club called Jr. Strategy Game Club (JSGC) that provides a similar experience for 3rd and 4th grade students. Meeting Tuesdays after school, members of JSGC learn and play age-appropriate games that help to develop strategic and critical thinking. The games we are currently playing are SushiGo!, Kingdomino, Splendor, Catan Junior, and Sleeping Queens.

In order to help our 3rd and 4th grade students learn to play the games, a group of 7th grade students serve as mentors for each JSGC meeting. They faithfully attend on Tuesdays, each leading one or two games. They have shown exceptional leadership skills as they improvise, solve problems, model appropriate behavior, and help the younger students play well together.

Playing table games after school each week is a lot of fun and promotes important developmental skills. Participants improve logical thinking skills that apply directly to math and science and indirectly to many aspects of life. JSGC promotes healthy competition and sportsmanship because players are competing with the goal of winning yet learning to enjoy the activity whether they win or lose. Finally, playing table games helps students develop important social skills as they play with others who are similar to and different from them. Table games are fun and healthy for people of all ages; learning to love games at a young age can lay a foundation for many years of educational fun.

Kyle DeBoer

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