Over the summer, the Advent French room was emptied, painted a happy color called “Enthusiastic Lilac”, and redecorated. Window shades that can be easily raised and lowered were inked with useful French phrases, and a  talented Advent alum made a remarkable wall-hanging that illustrates our favorite game, Loups-Garous, as well as common subjects.  Other alumni helped with organizing all the costumes and with additional organization and decoration of the room. Merci beaucoup to all helpers!


Orléans! Beaugency!  The 4th graders enjoy singing to the weather man, Monsieur Météo, echoing cathedral bells as they sing the oldest known French song, and reciting a piece that allows pairs of them to mime swimming, flying, and fighting!  Now that they are learning to spell, sing, and dance the numbers, they had a cut-throat game of BINGO in French last week.


Hams in the ‘Ham! The 5th graders have begun learning the play, La rentrée, and are proving to be enthusiastic singers and actors. Please request a “living room performance” of the songs they are learning in class! The students will perform the play for parents in the not-so-distant future.



Tu as un chien ou Tu es un chien?  Do you have a dog or are you a dog? These questions and others like them are being asked and answered and chuckled over by the 6th graders as they use new vocabulary to formulate questions and answers.  The verb phrase tu as  is only one letter different from tu es, but the former means you have while the second means you areAlors, il faut faire attention à la prononciation!The students are also able to inquire as to what someone knows how to do as opposed to what that person likes to do, Qu’est-ce que tu sais faire? vs. Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire? The most detailed and enthusiastic answers come in reponse to questions about food and drink preferences: Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger?  Qu’est-ce que tu aimes boire? 

The 7th Graders have chosen the names of francophone cities as their French names this year. During the first two weeks of school, each student did a one minute oral report on the chosen city, and the location and images of each city were examined. Although most of the cities are in France, several are in other French-speaking countries, reminding us that French is spoken throughout the world.  Say Ouagadougou!


Quelle coïncidence!! Two Advent 8th grade students visited Paris during the summer and returned with many photos and enthusiasm to share.  They presented a power-point to their class of many of the places they’d discovered.  The class Oohed and Aahed over the lovely images and laughed along with the presenters as they shared their experiences.  Class members have chosen names of Paris monuments, buildings, and sites as their French names this year.  Moreover, they have been reading articles from a French children’s magazine about the history of Paris.  The storyline of our principal text, French in Action, takes place in Paris.

Anne Barton

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