Welcome to WAES!  Have you heard about WAES? It’s our weekly production for Advent students by Advent students. We gather each Tuesday afternoon to work on our weekly production. Each student plays a role: editor, producer, actors, anchor desk, camera person, and writer. Our whole school watches the weekly production on Friday mornings and they can be found on our school’s YouTube channel (@AdventEpiscopal). Our latest episode can be found here:  https://youtu.be/9MVQ0fHhTrw.

Our show evolves every semester depending on the cast. Students become eligible to interview for WAES beginning in fifth grade (second semester). Students that have a passion for acting, editing, and producing are encouraged to participate.

This semester, our show consists of sports, a game show segment called “Soda Fountain Challenge,” a safety segment “Phoe-Be Careful,” “Which Movie is It?” where students have to guess the movie, and Life Hacks. We are excited to share our work with you!


Jennifer Dunn

To learn more about Advent Episcopal School, please visit our website: http://www.adventepiscopalschool.org.