Advent is three weeks in to a wonderful school year … wow! Our students are phenomenal and our faculty is pumped!  Every day is truly an adventure worth taking. The question I am most often asked is, “How are things going?” My answer is, “Excellent!”  So, you may ask how is excellence defined by Advent standards? There are many ways, but I have listed a few below:

  • Advent was awarded the “Best independent K-8 school” in the state for the second year, with multiple state championships in a range of categories.
  • Advent Pre-K and Kindergarten enrollments are at their highest levels in over a decade while retention in our upper grades continues.
  • Advent students are extraordinary with record numbers of students enrolled in various programs outside the classroom, from athletics to math puzzle clubs to the arts.
  • Advent standardized test scores indicate a level of unparalleled achievement. We do not seek great scores, although we welcome them. Our primary goals include preparation for high school, college, and life. Excellence is demonstrated by a keen understanding that parental financial investments at this level will pay much greater dividends later as we help each child reach his or her potential.
  • Advent has had another excellent audit. Our Finance Committee and Board of Trustees have strong confidence in our stewardship.  Positive enrollment, no debt, our endowment, and support through various fundraising opportunities, including the upcoming Advent Gives Campaign, are only a few measures of financial stability.
  • Advent parents are an example of servant leadership. Excellence is demonstrated by parent support, programs, and satisfaction.
  • Advent will go through re-accreditation this year. We also are developing our strategic plan for the next 5-10 years. We look back to propel forward. Sometimes the best way to make sure we stay on the right path is to understand the road that has been traveled. Our last accreditation noted “an atmosphere of spirituality and family is a defining base of school life.” I am happy to report that this re-accreditation process will validate the same.

One last note concerning excellence: coming up the stairs this morning I had a brief conversation with a student, Gabrielle. I asked her if she was having a terrific day. She said, “Yes, every day is a terrific day at Advent.” We agree! We still have much to do but her words sum up Advent’s definition of excellence best. Hope to see you at the Fall Social Friday!

Go Panthers!

Palmer Kennedy

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