2nd grade poetry blog 2017-2

As always, I am blown away by the Advent First Grade poetry recital. The children come into first grade just starting to read and they finish the year by reciting a long poem in front of their friends and family. It is a sight to see! Some of the poems they did this year are by Shel Silverstein: “Smart,” “Twistable turntable man,” and “Someone ate the baby.”

2nd grade poetry blog 2017-1

It is an Advent tradition that the first graders accomplish to “graduate” into second grade. This project makes them take a big leap forward. The process begins with the students having to pick out a poem that they like, which must consist of at least 24 lines. Finally, they have to memorize it with inflection. All the students performed beautifully and put all of their heart into it. I cannot wait to see them escalate into actors next year in the second grade play!

Karen Anderson