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On Monday, May 8th,  Advent’s Pre-Kindergarten students walked to the McWane Science Center in downtown Birmingham for a visit! The kids got to experience all that the McWane Center has to offer. From the fun science activities, to the petting of the sting rays, to the little town in the “Itty Bitty Magic City”, it is a trip the kids will never forget!

Our first stop on the trip was the first floor “Science Quest.” Some of the science activities  that the students got to play with included a tennis ball launcher, a pulley chair lift, a bed of nails, an anti-gravity mirror, basketball, bubbles, a giant lever and a distortion room!

Our next stop was the “World of Water Aquariums.” We saw shark and sting ray tanks. The kids learned many facts about sharks and sting rays all while PETTING THE REAL ANIMALS! What a fun experience!

Our last stop was “Itty Bitty Magic City.” This wonderful exhibit allows children to pretend they are in a real life city! It captures the look and feel of a downtown street. It is complete with a fire station, farm, veterinarian clinic, market, diner and a garage. This was definitely a highlight of the trip!

The Pre-K students had a blast at the McWane Science Center! To learn more about the McWane Center, go to

Alex Wright

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