Advent lower school art is having so much fun! Not only have we been celebrating our accomplishments, we have been learning new motor skills, getting our hands dirty, and being rewarded.

Pre-K and Kindergarten have been working on ceramics. They have worked those little fingers and created some fabulous ceramic critter bowls. This was a great lesson for the Pre-K. Be on guard for all the newly learned pinching!

Lower School Art May 2017 4

Kindergarten is now working on a mosaic drawing. We crumpled our paper and traced the crinkles. We will look at the finished tracing and color what designs we see in them. They have given some interesting insight to what a kindergartener sees in a bunch of lines. What a success!

First grade finished sewing their pencil totes. Learning to sew by hand works those little minds and introduces them to a bit of multitasking. Implementing their design for the outside with cloth materials proved challenging, but they did a great job!

Lower School Art May 2017 2

Since they LOVE to explore and create, they are working on a free art project. Free art, as we call it, is what they are rewarded for finishing projects. I give them a subject, and they come up with their own creations. The subject they were given is Calling a Monster. As a result, there has been a lot of talk about monsters. The inspiration for this project came from the movie, “A Monster Calls.” If you could call a “monster” to have your back when you need courage, what would that monster look like? The first graders are sketching some cool monster buddies right now. Next week there will be watercolor paintings.

Lower School Art May 2017 3

Second grade walked to Linn Park last Friday to meet the artist who inspired their photography project. Chad Moore was more than accommodating for (30) 2nd graders to invade his booth at the Magic City Art Connection. He spoke to the children about how his own children and their toys inspire him. His website is As you’ll see, he uses his children’s figurines in this artwork. He was so excited to meet us that he gave a copy of one of his pieces to each child. They declared it was their best day of art class EVER!

Lower School Art May 2017 1

In class, we are working on symbolism. Our lesson started on symbols in art, things we recognize early in life in drawings. It could be that a multi-colored semi-circle is a rainbow, or that stick figures are people. Symbols can be used to show emotions in art. We discussed icons, emojis and brands, like in music or fashion. I wore a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt. Some people know Hendrix as a great electric guitar player. As the students worked on drawing their own emoji art collage, we had a long discussion about music icons as we listened to Jimi Hendrix, and his era music. It was fun!

I hope to see you all at our 2nd annual Celebrate the Arts Day!

May God keep blessing us all,

Jennifer Gibson