3rd grade blog April 2017-1As part of Advent’s third grade curriculum, we host a “City Day” for our pen pals from Pickens Academy each spring.  Pickens Academy is located in Carrollton, Alabama, which is in west Alabama. Our students develop relationships with their students by writing letters to each other throughout the year. This wonderful coordinated liaison between the two schools has been happening for around 20 years.

Advent students go to the rural areas of Pickens County to meet their pen pals for the first time in the fall semester. Pickens Academy hosts “Farm Day,” a field trip to a McCool Farm, to learn about agriculture and sustainable living. Our kids love every minute of being around the animals, climbing on hay bales, and even riding a horse. Check out our post about it from the fall: https://adventblog.com/2016/12/05/third-grade-farm-day/


This spring, the students had the pleasure of meeting again for the City Day field trip, which is hosted at our campus, in downtown Birmingham. We rolled out the red carpet by serving our special guests breakfast when they arrived. Next, all the students walked to the BJCC to see a play put on by the Children’s Theater (this year it was “Einstein is a Dummy”). We showed them the breathtaking artwork at the Birmingham Museum of Art, enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Birmingham City Club, and finally ran around on Advent’s rooftop gym!

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But that’s not all! Students made clay ornaments with stamps of prominent Birmingham symbols (i.e. Vulcan, Sloss Furnace, etc.) to take home and enjoy. Students also went on a scavenger hunt to spot some of Birmingham’s most well-known landmarks from the windows of the 31st floor of the Harbert Center in downtown Birmingham. It was so cool!

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This is a cherished event that is lovingly hosted by the third grade families at Advent. The parents go above and beyond to show our pen pals a good time, and the students go out of their way to demonstrate kindness and courtesy to their newfound pals. Younger students look forward to these events and cannot wait to become third graders! Check out these websites as well. http://pickensacademy.org/, http://www.bct123.org/einstein-is-a-dummy/, and http://artsbma.org/.

Anna White

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