During the months of February and March, Advent students in 5th grade social studies explored major events in American history between the years of 1800-1850.  They completed a unit on the Civil War which culminated in a research paper on a famous Civil War hero.  In addition, the students created a wax museum of their historical figures for the entire school.

Having written a short research paper in 4th grade, the fifth graders were ready for a bigger challenge.  Each student had to read an age-appropriate biography on a famous Civil War hero of their choice.  After gaining much background information about their figures, they had to research additional sources for more important details.  Students were required to have at least three sources, 30 notecards, an outline, rough draft, works-cited page, and a typed final copy.  We slowly went through each stage of the research paper process until all students had written research papers ranging from 4-6 pages.

As a creative celebration of their hard work, students created a wax museum in the Explorium for all Advent faculty, staff and students to visit.  To prepare for this exhibit, students wrote a 90-120 second monologue from their famous person’s perspective.  Then, they had to memorize their speeches and create a costume.  Students came in elaborate dress to accurately represent the time period and even carried two additional props that were often used by their famous people.  On exhibit at the wax museum were famous spies, generals, nurses, politicians, writers, doctors, and abolitionists from the period.  You may even recognize Clara Barton, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Robert E. Lee and more from the photographs.  These students demonstrated such enthusiasm and knowledge about their subject matter.  It was a great opportunity to show how articulate and confident they have become this year.

Shannon Cabraja