A quick glance at the Advent School calendar reveals a wide range of experiences for our students. There have been visiting speakers, downtown field trips and even overnight excursions. Celebrate the Arts Day is another example of an unique opportunity for our students, parents, and families. Celebrate the Arts is Wednesday, May 10. The whole school spends the day celebrating the arts in our school and in our community.

To say that Advent values artistic expression is a given – the evidence is clear along the hallways of our building, the personal voices in our students’ writings and the passion in their musical performances. The Arts are embedded and intertwined through the Advent curriculum in big and small ways. Celebrate the Arts Day is an example of a big way in which we seek to acknowledge, display, and share the artistic accomplishments of our students in a community setting. Our students will have the chance to perform and showcase their performing art talents and admire their visual art displayed. The whole school will again walk to and visit the Birmingham Museum of Art and participate in a guided tour of the museum galleries.

Celebrate the Arts Day is a way to pause and recognize how valuable our varied forms of artistic expression are to us as individuals but also to our community at large! Personally, I believe this day is important because it makes clear that developing our creative outlets, nurturing our artistic passions, and sharing in community experience are important facets of the Advent curriculum.

I’m looking forward to this year’s Celebrate the Arts Day and I hope you are too! Photos are from last year’s event.  Check out the museum: http://www.artsbma.org

Mollie Everitt