Since the beginning of the school year, all three Advent kindergarten classes have been implementing NeuroNet into the daily schedule. For those who are not familiar with the program, NeuroNet is a research-based learning program that is designed to develop fluency in key areas such as reading, math, and handwriting skills using movement, rhythm and cognitive learning. The outcomes of this program here at Advent from August until now are phenomenal.

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Students begin to think and learn independently. Each child is able to watch and learn first, then think and do on their own in all subjects, just as they have learned using NeuroNet. Our kindergarten students understand, through the use of this program, that in order to develop fluency in all subject areas, you must practice fluency. They are developing this in reading and math in a different way through NeuroNet. It helps enhance new learning and assists in problem solving on a daily basis.

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The students have strengthened their fine and large motor skills  due to the repetitious steps and rhythms as both of their brain hemispheres are working simultaneously to complete the tasks of each lesson. The outcomes of this program are so beneficial for children of this age and I am so glad that Advent sees the importance of developing these key skills during the first few years of learning!

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Jacquelyn Johnson