Lower French March 6 2017

Quelle surprise in Pre-K with their very own French CD of all the songs we have been learning – from Escargot in Fete to Monsieur Oui/Monsieur Non, your children should be singing to you all that we have learned in French class!  And speaking of singing, ask them to show you how the French cats taught them the ABC’s in French – it will get your attention!  We continue our adventures with our Zoo Animals – Monsieur Crocodile is our newest friend, and he has a wiggly tooth!

Lower French March 4 2017

Kindergarten indulged in a much deserved Petit Dejeuner – with croissants, pain au chocolat and chocolat chaud – students ate a French breakfast tres authentique –  a real dining experience!  Students also gave their parents a French lesson on all they knew about setting the table, asking politely for something to eat or drink and saying a prayer –  all of this in French, bien sur!

1st Grade has been busy learning about all kinds of animals – especially those that live on the banks of the Nile River – ask them what happens when a crocodile tries to combat the elephants!  Calinou is the name of our Koala that likes to play all kinds of games, from hiding behind a tree to jumping on his mother’s back – our explorations of the animal kingdom keep us quite busy in French!

Lower French March 1 2017
And while 2nd Grade has been busy with the play, they’ve also been play acting in French with their marionnettes, engaging in all sorts of petits dialogues, improving their French speaking skills!

Finalement, 3rd Grade has been on an exploration of their Maison de Tamia, a French Chipmunk family home. Not only have they learned about all the different rooms in the house and what goes in it, they’ve also learned how to move their French chipmunks throughout the house using French commands.  Their favorite place to put Le Bebe is on the roof (sur le toit!)   Oh la la!   La maman Tamia (mama Chipmunk) is in quite a state!

Elizabeth Crommelin