Advent 1st grade classes have been working hard in library!  In conjunction with a previous blog post about the 4th grade publishing project, found here, they will be publishing classroom books as well. Each child will have one page and one illustration contributed.  We are looking forward to finishing them and sending them to the publishing company.  The students are very excited!

In writing our book, we explored and answered the prompt: “The best part of me is….”  Students began brainstorming by writing down ten different parts of themselves that they liked.  They then had the chance to write their own rough draft once they chose one in particular.  In their paragraph they were asked to think about…What does it look like-color, shape, etc?  What does it help you do?  How does it make you feel?  We then introduced them to the editing and re copying process as they finished their final draft.  They are now putting the finishing touches on their illustrations!


Here are some examples of a few of our children’s pages that will be included in their classroom book:

My favorite part of me is my nose because I can breathe and smell.  My nose makes me feel happy.  My nose is wonderful.  I don’t know what I would do without my nose.  I like my nose.


Library blog March 2017 3

The best part of me is my mouth because I can talk with it to my mom and dad on the phone.  It is pink.  It makes me feel happy.


Library blog March 2017 2

The best part of me are my legs because I can run with them.  When I do a handstand they help me push off the ground.  I like my legs because they are powerful.


Library blog March 2017 4

The best part of me is my wrist and my hand.  Because my wrist keeps my hand together.  I like my hand because I can put nail polish on my nails.  I can move my wrist.  My wrist and my hand make me feel comfortable.


Jennifer Drew