With literacy being a priority at Advent Episcopal School, we celebrated “Read Across America” a few weeks ago.  In Pre-Kindergarten, it was a week of reading our favorite Dr. Seuss books, a lot of fun activities and dressing up according to the book we were studying that day.

We started off the week reading “Fox in Socks,” made some “new socks for fox” and wore silly socks on our feet.

PreK March 2017 blog 4

The week continued with wearing our favorite hat for our “Cat in the Hat” day and making a new hat for that silly cat. For “Ten Apples Up on Top,” we did several activities with counting and sorting.  We even tried to see if we could stack ten apples!

I believe the favorite of the week came on Dr. Seuss’ birthday with “Green Eggs and Ham.”  We read the book, predicted if we would like to eat green eggs and ham, then cooked green eggs and ham, and finally we tried them!  The kids were surprised at how much they “did like green eggs and ham!”

Our week ended with the favorite “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”  The students dressed in colors for their favorite college or they dressed up in what they wanted to be when they do grow up.  There was an astronaut, a scientist, a doctor, a baseball player and some had hopes of being a mom. What fun we had!

-Leah Webb