1st grade blog March 2017 7Every year, the first grade reads the The Boxcar Children book series.  The first graders love the characters – Henry, Jessie, Violet, Benny, and especially their dog Watch.  They love the mysteries that the children solve in each book and the visual details the books provide of the scenery, the food they cook, and the people they meet.

On Thursday, the first grade took a field trip to Huntsville. They went to the Boxcar depot in Huntsville and let the stories from the Boxcar series come to life! The children saw old firetrucks, just like in one of the mysteries the Boxcar children solve at a fire station.  They sat in a diner, similar to one the Boxcar children visited at the beginning of their adventures, created their own museum exhibit from shells, rocks, and beads just like the children do in the second book in the series, and got to explore a real boxcar from an old train just like the boxcar children lived in!  At each station, they got to hear excerpts from a different Boxcar book and find a mystery word. At the end of the tour, they put the words together to create a sentence: “Have an adventure – read a book!” They finished with a picnic lunch and a chance to run around a field and even pick some flowers! The children came home exhausted, but excited to read more Boxcar books!

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