“If we want our students to believe that they are artists, it is important to give them a venue to make them feel that way.”- Anonymous

Lower School Art March 2017 4

Our lower school hall is packed with PreK-2nd grade art and if you have not seen it, please come for a visit. It’s a must see venue! The only donations we require are smiling faces and lots of “Oohs” and Ahhs”! The PreK is featuring their “dots” from the book Dots by Peter H. Reynolds. This is a great little art book on encouragement and self-esteem, and just making a mark to see where it takes you. Kindergarten created stamps and a floral piece with the stamps and bees from thumbprints. We’ll soon have our paper mâché animal heads up. First and second grade went on a photoshoot around campus with figurines, and even wrote a bio about themselves. They all say it was their all-time favorite art class. We’ll be sewing and learning a little Mondrian art next.

But if you are really up for a treat, please come to the auction this weekend and see the collaborative art projects these little artists created.

PreK has created a heart collage, which is a 24”x24” piece full of love. Each child created a 3”x3” background, with drawings of hearts. The hearts were cut out and artist-mom Brooke Fleming arranged the hearts on the backgrounds. This is a perfect piece for a child’s room…and they all want it in their own room.

Lower School Art March 2017 2

Kindergarten created flowers and stems using watercolors that another artist-mom of ours, Lindsey Petras, set in a unique arrangement. It truly makes you feel you are lying in a field surrounded by the most beautiful flowers God could create, all seen through the eyes of our Advent kindergarteners! We already have several moms who are anxious to start the bidding for this one.

Lower School Art March 2017 3

First grade used watercolor as well. We cut their painted art pieces into strips, arranged, and pasted the strips on wood that is in the shape of the State of Alabama. The wood piece was graciously donated by artist-dad, Bob Whelan.

Lower School Art March 2017 1

Second grade did a Heart in Hand photo collage with the help of another of Advent’s artist-moms, Hawley Schneider. She took pictures of their hands in the shape of a heart over the background they painted. Having them paint their own background gives this photo collage a beautiful array of blues with splashes of red and gray.

2nd grade auction artwork 2017

I wish I could somehow put into words the brightness and excitement from each of their eyes when they see their own works of art in the final pieces. They are so proud of themselves. Hope to see you all Saturday night! http://www.adventepiscopalschool.org/auction

Jennifer Gibson