In Kindergarten, children come to school ready to learn and already LOVING books!  That makes our job of teaching children how to read so much easier and is so much fun!  Literacy at Advent is supported in everything we do. The rooms are filled with things to read, from labels on classroom items to word walls to classroom libraries filled with age-appropriate books.

Advent students are greeted with a MORNING QUESTION, which they read and answer every day. Together they read a letter, the MORNING MESSAGE, written personally just for them by their teacher. They also engage further with the MORNING MESSAGE by picking out and circling particular letters, sight words, and punctuation.

Kindergartners listen to stories, read together from big books, and read directions on their work.  They also read social studies and science news pages, and read to either a partner or the teacher. Students make graphs and art projects about what they read, as well as write about what they read, and even get to create their own books! Literacy is celebrated at Advent, that’s for sure!  We even dress up to celebrate books, authors, and different genre. We love to read!

Cathy Green