Earlier this month the Pre-K through 1st grades at Advent received a visit from employees at the recently opened Just Kids Dental office which is located on the southside of Birmingham. On Thursday, Ms. Martin (aka the Tooth Fairy’s helper) came and spent some time with each class to teach them about the importance of oral hygiene. She read them a book about a molar and then taught them proper techniques for brushing and flossing. She also taught them things they can do to strengthen their teeth, things they should avoid that could harm their teeth, and as you can imagine, she answered a lot of questions and heard many stories.

On Friday, we were fortunate to have a dentist come and do spot inspections on the student’s teeth. She was so kind and gentle with them and they all had a positive experience. In total, she screened 76 children and found 7 abnormalities. Each parent that allowed their child to be screened should have received a form with the results on Friday after school. We are thankful that Just Kids Dental graciously extended this service to us this year and hope to continue to partner with them in the future.

Deanette Johnson