This month, Advent’s third grade hosted Ruth Fitts. She was a visiting author from Washington, D.C. The students wrote to Ms. Fitts, inviting her to come and share with us about her book. The book is entitled, Australia to Zimbabwe: A Rhyming Romp Around the World to 24 Countries. This exciting book takes readers on a journey around the globe. The text explores 24 countries A-Z through rhyming introductions to their culture, fascinating photos, and fun activities including crafts, recipes and games.


Ms. Fitts has traveled around the world, working with embassies and scholars to create this exciting and educational children’s book. She believes that geography should inspire children to learn more about the world around them. Our students definitely had fun reading the book.


Our students had a so much fun learning about countries from around the world by playing a “musical globe” game. In the game, the students identified countries based on the music that was played and clues that were given. Students used colorful maps to assist them in locating countries on a map. Ms. Fitts shared many interesting facts about various countries, asking students to participate by identifying a country’s flag, clothing, or food. Students learned that they can experience a foreign country’s culture without even having to visit. This book is a phenomenal resource that can be utilized to broaden a child’s perspective of the world around them. We were so honored to host Ms. Ruth Fitts!

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Anna White