Bzzz! Bzzz! What are all of these bugs doing in second grade? Why it’s the Advent second graders “Goin’ Buggy” practicing the second grade play (which is actually a play for 6th graders)! We have been practicing for a few weeks and the children have already learned most of the songs with a lot of words!!!  They are doing an excellent job!  Can’t wait to see their performance in March!

We recently celebrated the “100th Day of School.” We had several 100 year old visitors come to our second grade classes for a visit on this special day!!!


Our classes were very fortunate to hear the UAB Choir in concert here at Advent. The children enjoyed hearing them sing in Latin and German.

Second Graders have just finished their President reports!  Each child read a book about a President and read the reports to their classmates. We learned some interesting facts! To conclude our study of the U.S. presidents, we will be visiting The American Village (an educational institution whose mission is to strengthen and renew the foundations of American liberty and self-government by engaging and inspiring citizens and leaders, with a special emphasis on programs for young people). American Village is located in Montevallo, AL. While we are there, our Second Graders will participate in a program entitled the “Living America’s Story- President’s Day.” We are so excited!

We love our visits on Friday with our K5 buddies!  They have been studying Italy this week. They taught us about Italian foods such as pizza, pasta, and gelato! They also shared information on gondolas!  K5 rocks when it comes to playing Money BINGO!

Sandra Holmes