A lot has been going on in lower school PE this semester.  The kids have been working hard, learning new things and getting a lot of exercise!

The Mercedes Kids Marathon was on February 11th.  We had so many kids run! The event occurred right outside our front door, down 20th street.  As stipulated by the rules of the event, the kids ran 25 miles in PE over the course of a few months so they could participate in the run itself.  “Mile 26” of the marathon was the mile the kids ran the day of the event.

We had a great time and close to 90 Advent students were able to participate.  We will definitely be participating in this event next year. It is for kindergarten through 5th grade.  Photo credits go to Laura Robinson and Karla Reid.


In PE class, we were able to purchase some fun, colorful paddles that help the kids learn the basics of racquet sports.  We have been playing some matches and will continue to progress into more difficult concepts as the kids improve in their skills.  Dr. Allison Jackson, of the Samford University Kinesiology Department, generously donated several pieces of gymnastics equipment (with even more on the way!).  Some of the equipment includes a balance beam, a ladder, a trampoline, a wedge mat and a padded color tunnel.  We have been using it on our Friday station days.  The kids love the new equipment!

Tricia Brice

To learn more about the Mercedes Kids Marathon, go to: http://www.mercedesmarathon.com/