At the end of January, Advent’s first JUNA (Junior United Nations Assembly of Alabama) team attended the 2017 Assembly of Nations held at Birmingham Southern College!  Our delegation, made up of 8 sixth and seventh graders, were ambassadors for the African nation of Madagascar. We made an impressive first-time showing!  Our nation and our resolution were enthusiastically introduced to the assembly with one student speaking English, followed by one student speaking Malagasy, the native language of Madagascar. We then broke into committees, where three of our students presented and defended our resolution:

A resolution to create sustainable communities by stabilizing the food and water supply and improving the quality of education in Madagascar

In the General Assembly, our team members listened to and questioned the resolutions of the other nations in attendance.  One Advent student represented Madagascar on the Security Council as it debated and crafted a resolution on dealing with the crisis in Syria.

In total, there were 45 nations represented by schools from all over central and north Alabama. We concluded the final day with a celebratory dance party!! We learned so much and had a blast getting to know student-delegates from all across the state!  Great job, 2017 JUNA team!!!

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Sheryl Summe