Over Christmas, Advent painted the town! Upper and lower school art students were invited to paint a Christmas scene on the windows of Storkland Furniture in December. The outcome was fabulous. The store owners loved it and we’ve been asked to do it again, including other times of the year.

Lower school art classes are getting busy, busy! The next couple of weeks will be spent learning about collaboration and how artists can work together to create one piece of art. Working together helps develop a sense of community and students learn to have a common goal.

They have learned that there are collaborations in art everywhere. It took architects, designers, and builders working together to create the buildings around us. One idea, or plot, takes numerous graphic artists, illustrators, designers, directors, actors (and many more) coming together to create a children’s animated movie. The music we hear and the clothes we wear- some form of art is a part of our everyday lives.

Our auction this year will support the arts at Advent. Almost everything we do at Advent involves art in some way. Whether it’s our music classes, visual art classes, literature, theater or media, we are constantly pushed to be creative and exposed to a form of art that we may not even know is considered art. Who wants to think that their research paper is an art? How can cursive handwriting be an art? Art is supposed to be fun!

For the auction, we are collaborating on visual art pieces for each grade. The students are individually working hard and the pieces will become one work of art for their grade. Each grade is given a general idea of what their final artwork might look like and each student is given a subject or design that they are to draw, paint, or otherwise create in their own way to contribute to the final piece of art for their grade. All of us are working as a team for one specific goal. The final art pieces are sure to be nothing less than spectacular!

Jennifer Gibson