This year, for the first time at Advent, our Fourth Grade students have been participating in a year long process of writing their own books!  Some students have worked alone and others have completed the process with partners. In September, we began the year with a “book tasting” where the students entered the Upper School Library which was decorated like a restaurant and several books were on the “menu.”  They assessed what they liked and didn’t like about the cover, story line, illustrations, and word choice the authors used.


Throughout the year, we have been focused on learning the different parts of the writing process from brainstorming, plot lines, character development and much more!  The genres our students have decided on range from fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and even poetry.  We have all learned that the writing process is a lot longer and harder than we thought but the students are beginning to see the rewards of their work coming together.  Currently, we are working on putting the text of our story into the book building software and completing the illustrations to go along with it!


We look forward to sending our books off to a student publishing company by Spring Break and having soft and hard copies of the books delivered.  In May, the students will get to plan and attend an author’s reception to get to share their final projects with their parents and friends!

Jennifer Drew