As Advent students progress through our science curriculum, they are encouraged to look at their immediate surroundings and experiences with a scientific lens.  While global awareness and a meta-perspective is emphasized, students are encouraged to make meaningful connections to their lives on a daily basis.  Science becomes much more than a singular subject our students study, and instead is merged with the every-day to bring meaning and appreciation for our natural world.

The capstone of the science program is in 8th grade, when students undertake a lab-based, inquiry-based physical science class.  Laboratory technique, qualitative/quantitative analysis, conceptual thinking, and formal scientific writing are all woven throughout this course.  Students become proficient in writing lab reports, with an eye towards not only being prepared for high school science courses, but being leaders in those settings.  Advent students consistently report being the most-prepared students in their respective high schools (with some students even taking their lab report notebooks with them to college for reference material!).

As technology continues to improve, our data collection and analysis has become easier as well.  However, as with most Advent endeavors, the new is mixed with the traditional – come stop in to the 3rd floor lab to see what we are up to – our Bunsen Burners will be lit!

Beth Peters