“Grab your towels and your stools! It’s time for NeuroNet!” This is what you hear the Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade teachers at Advent announce to their classes every day. The students enthusiastically gather their towels and their stools, head to a self-space in the classroom, and follow along with the NeuroNet leader on the big screen. I love NeuroNet because it’s fun to lie on the floor and jump off the stools in the classroom,” says one Pre-K student.



This research-based program is designed to wake up children’s brains for a day full of learning. The program combines movement, hand/eye coordination, fluency practice, math, and even handwriting, while encouraging independent learning and self-evaluation.



The 20-minute program, used daily in Advent classrooms, continues to challenge the students each week with the addition of new motor or cognitive skill exercises. In Pre-kindergarten, a typical NeuroNet lesson includes movement exercises, songs, vision block practice of color phrases and number sets, and air-writing. At the conclusion of each lesson, we complete a piece of a puzzle for that particular level. One student says, “my favorite part about NeuroNet is seeing the puzzle when we’re done.Advent adopted NeuroNet in 2015 for its Pre-K. In August 2016, kindergarten joined in, and beginning this semester, first grade has also jumped on board. The kids love it!

To learn more about NeuroNet, visit www.neuronetlearning.com.

Alden Raulston