The first graders at Advent are becoming stellar readers!  They have been practicing their reading skills since the beginning of school.  Starting with the 100 book club, each first grader reads 10 books every week until they get to 100.  They get a prize for every 10 books they read, and then a medal when they reach 100. Many older students remember getting their 100 books medal and how special it was!

The students read in class every day, sometimes with partners or in groups or even in front of the class.  Once a week, the first graders help their Kindergarten buddies with reading.  They love getting to help the Kindergartners begin to read and getting to share their favorite books and stories with their buddies!

The first graders began the year reading picture books with short words, but now they can read entire chapter books! They will begin reading Boxcar Children books this month and will read several books in the series, both during class and on their own as homework.  First grade will even go on a field trip later this year to the Boxcar Depot in Huntsville, where they can go inside a real boxcar and explore the books in a real train.  Books come alive in first grade at Advent!