A break from school didn’t stop the excitement in Lower School French at Advent- Les Aventures en Francais continuent!    Did you know that zoo animals in France dream of participating in the Tour de France? – yes, a bike race!  Pre-K has just learned what happens in France when zoo keepers go to sleep – c’est incroyable!  To the silliness with zoo animals and the songs about them, your children are hard at work learning all they need to know before our Zoo Animal party!

And if you think Pre-K is busy,  Kindergarten is learning what it might be like to eat breakfast in France – from discovering all of the delicious kinds of foods, knowing our manners, setting the table, and saying a prayer – you are in for a real treat when we host The French Breakfast at the end of February – Bon Appetit!

1st Grade just started learning about Les Animaux de la Jungle – Jungle Animals! They will soon be telling you about the crocodiles on the Nile River, and what they encounter there!


And you are not going to believe what 2nd Grade has accomplished – counting to 100 in French! Oh la la! Their math skills are quite impressive!  We will continue with number games, improving conversation skills, talking about feelings and singing fun children songs such as Alouette, Gentille Alouette!

Finalement, 3rd Graders will soon tell you about a house made of paper!  Pirouette, Cacahuete!  From La Maison Hantee last semester, we moved onto a French Chipmunk house where we will explore daily habits of French children their age, and the popular songs they like to sing.

Merci beaucoup et a bientot!

Mme. Ebet