Board games provide a great way for children to exercise strategic planning and logical thinking as they work toward a goal. Strategy Game Club is a community of Advent upper school students who meet after school on Fridays to learn and play strategy board games. In addition to being good for the mind, playing these games is a lot of fun for adults and students. Ms. Crawford, Ms. Peters, and Mme Barton have joined in on the fun at various times.

We play competitive and cooperative games. The competitive games we play include Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Splendor, and Carcassonne. Participants play against each other in competitive games, but they work together toward a common goal in cooperative games. Our cooperative games are Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. In addition to developing strategic thinking, cooperative games develop students’ ability to collaborate (even when they disagree about the best way forward).

As the leader of Strategy Game Club, I look forward to every Friday afternoon to teach students new games and see them grow in their critical thinking ability. But more than that, I enjoy seeing my students have fun together. Playing strategic board games is a great way for students to develop social skills, thinking skills, and the skill of enjoying life together with friends apart from electronics. Those three skills have increasing value in our increasingly technological world.

Kyle DeBoer