Before Advent students headed out for Christmas break, they had an opportunity to learn a little about keeping themselves safe and protecting their brains. “Kohl’s Think First Alabama” is a free injury prevention program offered to us by a Registered Nurse from Children’s of Alabama. During this 30-minute interactive presentation, each Advent class was taught age-appropriate information about their brains and spinal cords and how to protect them.


The children learned a wide variety of safety information including water safety (diving), playground safety, seat belt safety and the importance of riding in the proper place in the car. They learned that they can’t safely ride in the front seat of a car until they are 5’2” and 110 pounds. The students also learned about bicycle safety and the importance of proper helmet usage, also the fact that it is a law in Alabama that children under the age of 16 wear a helmet every time they ride a bicycle.  They were taught about what happens to body parts when they are injured and how they get better. They also learned that you can’t put a cast on your brain when you injure it as you can with most other parts of the body. The students learned about concussions, what they are, how you feel when you get one and how brains get better.

I am thankful this program is available and I think some invaluable information was shared. I hope that much of what the children heard during this time reinforced what you are already teaching them at home. Here’s to a safe and healthy new year!

Deanette Johnson