Many students at Advent participate on a math team. Each grade level from 3rd grade to 8th grade has its own team, and students of all abilities are welcome to join. Each grade level’s math team has a weekly meeting in which we work on challenging math problems and have fun doing math.

In addition to the weekly meetings, Advent sends students to competitions throughout the spring semester all over the state. Most of these competitions are on Saturdays and include a written test and ciphering. Ciphering is a timed competition in which a student (or sometimes a group of students) works on math problems and scores points based on how long it takes to get a correct answer. Some competitions allow spectators to watch as students do the math.

The top students at these team competitions receive awards based on their individual tests. The top teams receive awards based on a combination of written tests and ciphering. Though small in size compared to other schools, Advent typically does quite well in math team competitions.

Last year Advent finished first, second, or third in at least one grade level at almost every competition that the students attended. We sent five students (grade 6-8) to a district competition of independent schools and finished in first place. That group then went to the AISA (Alabama Independent School Association) state competition and won first place!! Math team can be a lot of fun for students at various levels. Who doesn’t love math?