There have been red, blinking lights spotted in 2nd Grade!    Why of course, its the second graders making red-nosed reindeers!  We have enjoyed this Christmas activity as we listen to soft, Christmas music by the fire.


This season is a time where we give gifts. Our second graders have been focusing on how they can light up the world with the gift of kindness. Each student wrote ways they could show kindness. Some responses were, “I can give the gift of kindness by helping my church collect can goods to give to those who do not have enough food”,  “…helping my neighbors”, and “…be sweet to my friends when they are hurting.”  Wow! Such small children with big hearts!


Second grade has just completed a unit of study on the continents. They have learned about the surrounding oceans and animals from each one of the continents. We also made dioramas!  The students had to read a Christmas chapter book, choose a scene from the book to decorate their diorama and share their book with the class. These were great!

“Bah Humbug!”  We attended the Children’s theater presentation of “A Christmas Carol.”  A summary by the students: “Scrooge was selfish and greedy. He didn’t believe in love or kindness.  A visit from the  Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future showed him the true meaning of Christmas. The lesson learned was about giving, loving others, and how this can make you happy!”

Last, but not least, second graders are writing everything in cursive and they are doing a fabulous job! What a wonderful month it has been!

Sandra Holmes